HRB SICP Study group - Getting started with Lisp

August 23, 2015

The HRB SICP Study group stand for Hackreactor Remote Beta Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Study group.

The group is intended to be a very long term study group.

Together with other peers at HackReactor we plan on continuing to finish SICP and push forward behind it after finishing HR’s advanced software engineering immersive program.

alt MIT/GNU Scheme Logo

Scheme is a dialect of Lisp that try to bring together the power and elegance of Lisp and Algol. From Lisp it borrow metalinguistic power that derives from the simple syntax, the uniform representation of programs as data objects, and the garbage-collected heap-allocated data. From Algol it borrow lexical scoping and block structure, which are gifts from the pioneers of programming-language design who were on the Algol committee.

To set up the MIT/GNU Scheme environment just follow the next steps. You’ll be up and running in seconds.

Step 1: Download and install the Scheme binary

Download the best binary for your OS (for macOS X -> x86-64)

Step 2: Set up Scheme to be used via cli

Similarly to the node REPL, you can also run the the MIT/GNU Scheme directly from the command line.

sudo ln -s /Applications/MIT\:GNU\ /usr/bin/scheme

Add the library path to your bash profile:

export MITSCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH="/Applications/MIT\:GNU\"

// Optionally you can also add the
// following environmental variable:
export MIT_SCHEME_EXE="/usr/local/scheme"

Done! Just reload your terminal, and run


You can now write your first awesome Scheme Script.

(display "Hello World")

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